NRL is the premier precision rifle advocacy & support organization. We are a non-profit engine of impacts that empowers organizations and athletes in precision rifle by providing education and opportunities for growth. Precision rifle shooting has exponentially grown over the past few years with NRL at its forefront and we look to lead the way into the future for everyone wanting to participate in this sport. These activities are designed to develop marksmanship skills for those participating in this discipline and to educate the public about firearm safety.


Our mission is to enable growth in the competitive shooting sports, for those who have an aspiration for their communities, their businesses, families, and themselves. The Nation Rifle League exists to support them on their journey from ambition to achievement. This is why we are so proud to support match directors and competitive shooting athletes as they represent all of us in the growing community.


To be the most transformative leadership community, bringing innovation and inspiration to every precision rifle athlete.


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